Missing Zonal

Missing Zonal

I'm trying to setup a zonal capture job from a monitored folder and can't seem to get it working. I've setup the fields (I've tried both global and non-global) and zones under the Catalog & Documents Type admin page and have setup the capture job in the Catalog Manager. However, when I drop the PDF into the folder I receive the following message:


The Content Central Capture Service was unable to process the following file:


Reason: Missing Zonal - The incoming document did not begin with a qualified Zone

This is an automated message. Please do not reply to this message.

--Content Central

This file then appears in the unprocessed folder with a .TIF extension.

If I manually upload the file via the capture page with post-capture coding selected, however, the fields are populated with the correct information from the zones when I go to code the document. I also have another zonal capture job that works perfectly; the PDF is dropped into the monitored folder, it's captured and deleted, and appears in the coding queue with the appropriate fields populated. The permissions on the monitored folder are the same for the broken job as they are the job that's working and I don't see anything in the Windows event viewer or the Community that points to a specific error. I've restarted both the capture service and the server itself. Any insight would be appreciated and thanks in advance.