Add Entry Feature in the Folder Browser, CCv7.0

Add Entry Feature in the Folder Browser

The Add Entry Feature in Content Central allows users to add document files straight to the Catalog Folders. This applies to Content Central v7.

Add Entry Feature Steps

Click ‘Folder Browser’ in the Menu Panel.
Click on a Catalog Folder.
Navigate to an existing Folder.
Click ‘Add Entry’ icon (plus icon found at the bottom right of the page) to show the Add Menu.

Optionally, click ‘Add Folder’ to create a new folder.
Click ‘Add Document’.

In the ‘Add Documents’ Menu, select Document Type to assign the document to.
Click ‘Add Entry’ (plus icon) and navigate to your local folder. Click 1 or multiple document file(s) to add.
In the ‘Add Documents’ Menu, click ‘Add’.
The document files listed will be added under the current folder in the Folder Browser as the Document Type you have selected.

Add Entry Feature, Additional

Documents added to Content Central using Add Entry Feature or Drag-and-Drop are NOT processed for OCR. Therefore, image files (PDF, TIFF, JPEG, etc.) that are added will not be converted to Full Text Searchable PDF and can only be Full Text searchable using its built in indexes.

There will be no default field values assigned initially to document added in using the Add Entry method. When committing new field values to the document, the document may be re-filed or saved in a different folder based on the Folder Building Items.

Add Entry Feature and Drag and Drop Feature only work on a Catalog and Document Type with no required fields.


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