Capture Data from different document pages in Capture Point

Capture Data from different document pages in Capture Point

In capture point there may come a time where you need to capture information off of the second, third, fourth or even last page of a document. In order to capture information from these pages, and not just page one follow these instructions: 
This guide is for Capture point 5.0 and greater

1. Load the document you would like to create the index fields for into capture point, after the document has been classified, navigate to your index rules through the context menu -> click the briefcase icon while hovering your mouse over the "index" option

Once on the index rules page Navigate to the page you wish to create the index rule for and click the "Add rule" option.

When you click "add rule" the "add rule" dialogue box will appear, allowing you to configure a standard rule. 

Ensure you are utilizing Text extraction so you may choose the location on the page where the rule should be looking. Draw a square outlining where you would like to pull information off of the page you wish to pull.

Please note: When creating this square you will be creating the square on page 1, however, the square will be visible for the desired page once we are done. 

Once the rule is created you may click the target icon associated with the index rule to display where the rule will be looking on the page you wish to grab the desired information.

Once the square is in the correct location, navigate to the index rules properties page, by clicking the "properties" button associated with the index rule. Once on the index rule properties page use the top most drop down menu to select the "Identification option" and change the page option to be a specific page, which will be the page you wish to extract data from. You may also choose "last page" if the page is going to be the last page of the document every time. 

Once you make this adjustment click "close" at the bottom of the "rule properties" dialogue box and the configuration of the rule should be completed. 

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