CapturePoint Classify Rules or Document Layout Instructions

CapturePoint Classify Rules or Document Layout Instructions

These instructions apply to CapturePoint v5.0.65 and above.

Classify Rules or Document Layout

Classify Rules or Document Layouts are used to automatically classify documents during the Capture Process.

To create Classify Rules or Document Layouts -

Capture a document or page that will be used as a template.

Navigate to the document page using the document navigation panel. The captured or processed document showing in the document preview will be used for the Document Layout.

Click ‘Menu’ and ‘Begin Training Session’.

Optionally, select ‘Current Image’ or ‘All Images’ for the image or images that you would like to train.
  • For ‘Current Image’, the 1 page in focus will become a template page to form a Document Layout.
    • Select Recognition Type between ‘Barcode’ or ‘Image Signature’ for the image.
  • For ‘All Images’, all pages scanned will become template pages. All similar template pages will be grouped together to form 1 (one) or multiple Document Layouts.
    • Select what each group represents. Click "First Page" if the group of pages represents the first pages, and therefore will be added as templates. Optionally, click "Supporting Pages", "Skip Remaining" or "Skip".

In the Document Layout Creation Menu
  1. Choose a Classification for the image in focus, by selecting the Catalog and Document Type or Classification Levels.
  1. Group with existing Document Layout -
    1. If CHECKED, the image will be added to an existing Document Layout. Select the Document Layout to add to.
    1. If UNCHECK, a new Document Layout will be created using the image. Update the Document Layout Name.
  1. Click ‘Next’.
Wait for prompt ‘Training is complete’ when all images have been trained.

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