Content Central Backup Recommendation

Content Central Backup Recommendation

This applies to Content Central Document Management System.

Backup Recommendation

In the event of system or server failure, the latest backup can be used to restore Content Central System.

For maximum efficiency, the Content Central document management system should be backed up on a regular basis. Ademero recommends a full system backup every night.

The following MUST be backed up on a regular basis to properly restore the Content Central system:

(1) Document Storage Location for All Catalogs
These location(s) can be found by launching the Catalog Manager on the server and selecting the Folders tab within each catalog.
(2) Content Central SQL Database
The Content Central SQL Database contains references to each document’s location on the file system, as well as other configuration information. The active Content Central SQL Database can be determined in the Configuration Manager.

As on option for Automating the Database Backup, we recommend a freeware utility named SQL Backup and FTP. You can download this utility from This utility can automatically connect to the database engine and perform a backup, which can be stored on a SQL server.

Steps to Determine Storage Location for Each Catalog

  1. Launch ‘Catalog Manager’ in the Content Central Server.
  2. Under List of Catalogs, click to highlight a Catalog.
  3. Click ‘Modify’ to launch the ‘Modify Catalog’ Window.
  4. In the ‘Modify Catalog’ window, in the ‘Folders’ tab, under ‘Destination folder’ would be the folder path or Storage Location of the documents for the specified catalog.

Steps to Determine Content Central SQL Database

  1. Launch ‘Configuration Manager’ in the Content Central Server.
  2. Click ‘SQL Settings’.
  3. Under SQL Settings, under Server Information, the Server\Instance and the Content Central SQL Database are specified.

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