Content Central Office Integration

Content Central Office Integration

In order to utilize Content Central Office Integration (CCOI) you must download and install the software on your local machine.

  1. Log into Content Central.
  2. Open the User menu in the top right corner of the screen (red rectangle in the picture below).
  3. Click Downloads (gold rectangle in the picture below).

  4. There are two versions of the office integration, (32-bit or 64-bit). 

  5. Download and save the version that matches the version of Microsoft Office that is installed on the machine..
  6. Run the Office Integration installer.
  7. Once installed, launch an Office product (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.)
  8. Locate the Content Central option in the Ribbon at the top of the screen.

  9. Click Settings.
  10. Enter your Content Central URL, and login information.

  11. Click confirm to test the connection. If the text under the Confirm button reads 'Settings OK' click 'Save Settings.'

  12. Click Capture New to capture the current document, or opened email into Content Central.
  13. A window will pop up prompting you to select the Destination (Catalog, Personal Coding Queue, or Shared Coding Queue), the Catalog, and the Document Type.
  14. You may then proceed to code the document's fields.
  15. Once you are happy with the entered values, you can upload the document by clicking 'Upload'

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