How to Delete a document or documents from Content Central

How to Delete a document or documents from Content Central

In this guide we will be going over how to locate and delete single and multiple documents within the Content Central version 7 interface. 
This guide pertains to Content Central version 7.X.XXXX
Your user account must either be an Administrative user, or, have the delete permission for your Content Central user account in order to delete documents from the Content Central system. Please Contact your Content Central Administrator to have the delete permission granted to you, or your group, if required. 
Documents may be recovered from the Content Central server if erroneously deleted, please contact support for assistance recovering documents that may have been deleted unintentionally. 

1. First, navigate to the folder browser, or, use power search to return documents from a search.

2. Next, you may select multiple documents from the search results or folder browser page by selecting the empty check box associated with each document. 

3. When a document is selected a right hand pull out drawer menu should appear. Expand the pull out drawer and multiple options for how to manipulate documents should appear.

4. When the pull out drawer is visible navigate to the bottom of the pull out drawer and the delete option is available at the bottom of this selection screen.
5. If you would like to delete a document that you are currently viewing the same behavior applies. Use the pull out drawer when viewing a document, and navigate to the delete option. 

Performing these steps will enable you to pick and choose which documents to remove from the Content Central system. 

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