QuickBooks Desktop Field Formats and Sizes

QuickBooks Desktop Field Formats and Sizes

Customers integrating into QuickBooks from Content Central or CapturePoint need to be aware of the field size limitations.
For Bills the size limitations and formats are:

*Vendor = 41 - Text
Ref No. = 20 - Numeric
Address = 20 per line - Text
Memo = Over 256 - Text
*Amount Due = 22 - Numeric
*Date = dd/mm/yy - Date
Bill Date = dd/mm/yy - Date

Expenses Tab
Account =  209 -Text - Usually pulled from QuickBooks, and has to match valid account 
Amount = 22- Numeric
Memo =  Over 256
Customer Job = 209 - Text
Billable = Yes/No

Items Tab
Item = 199 - Numberic
Description =  Over 256 - Text
QTY = 29 - Numeric
Cost = 29 - Numeric
Amount = 29 - Numeric
Customer Job = 209 - Text

* equals required field
Please note date of this KB, Intuite may change their requirements at any time.

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