SSL Certificate Update - GoDaddy

SSL Certificate Update - GoDaddy

Importing a GoDaddy issued SSL certificate into IIS for secure connections

Typically, a certificate authority will provide multiple file formats that contain the required information needed to add the certificate to different applications.
IIS asks for a .pfx file for import.

GoDaddy typically issues .crt, .pem, .p7b for its verified certificates.
We can convert these into a .cer file, that will be accepted by IIS through a slightly different method.
This will allow the client to see their site as "Secure" and ensure an encrypted connection.

Open the certificates provided and determine which is the signed cert that needs to be used, if you double click the file you should see the client's outward facing web URL in the "Issued To:" field.
If you see "Issued To: Go Daddy Root Certificate Authority" , this is the wrong file. Confirm with client they sent THEIR signed certificate.

Certificate Import Wizard

Import the signed certificate into MMC by double clicking the file and clicking "Install Certificate..." in the bottom right corner. (Typically it is a .crt file)
      Local Machine >> Place all certificates in the following store >> Select "Personal" >> Finish

Open the certificate in MMC and export as .cer

      Win+R >> mmc.exe >> OK >> File >> Add/Remove Snap-in >> Certficates >> Add >> Computer account >> Next >> Local Computer >> Finish >>OK
Navigate to the folder "Personal" and find the certificate we just imported.
      Right click >> All Tasks... >> Export >> Next >> (Leave default selection, DER encoded .CER) Next >> (Name and save the file where it will be easily accessible for you to find) Next >> Finish

Add certificate to IIS site

Open IIS and navigate to Server Certificates under IIS

      Actions >> Complete Certificate Request...

Add the .cer file from the location you had saved it before
The "Friendly Name" does not matter, make it appropriate to the client. I recommend just using the client account name
Leave the certificate store as "Personal"
      >> OK

Add verified certificate to ContentCentral site

Open the site setting through the tree on the far left of IIS, then on the far right of the screen...
      Actions >> Bindings...
You may need to add a new Site Binding if this is the first time the site has been issued a certificate, otherwise edit the existing https binding.
If adding new binding...
      Set type to be HTTPS, configure accordingly.
      Choose the SSL certificate we added earlier. The friendly name will be displayed.
If editing existing https binding...
      Change the certificate to be the one we added earlier.
Please test that you can now connect to the site and it is secured before letting client know the certificate has been added.

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