Steps to Create a Global-Field Search Widget in the Dashboard

Steps to Create a Global-Field Search Widget in the Dashboard

This applies to Content Central Document Management System v7.0 and up.

Steps to Create a Global-Field Search Widget in the Dashboard

1. Login to Content Central.
2. In the Dashboard, click 'Add Widget' ( green + )  icon found at the bottom right corner of the web page.
3. in the 'Choose widget type' drop down menu, select 'Global-Field Search'.
4. Click 'Next'.

5. Under 'Global Field', select the Global Field that you will search by.
6. Under 'Catalog', select the Catalog that you will be searching from.
7. Click 'Apply'.
8. A new 'Global-Field Search Widget' will be added in the Dashboard.

Steps to use the Global-Field Search Widget

1. Enter a Field Value to search for in the 'Catalog' configured in the widget. (Refer to the step #6 above.)
2. Hit 'Enter' key in the keyboard.
3. The webpage will refresh and navigate to the 'Power Search' page.
4. The 'Power Search' Document Results will show documents matching the Field Value entered from the same Catalog set in the widget.

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