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            Basic CapturePoint How To

            Basic CapturePoint How To:

            Adding a new document into CapturePoint you want to follow these steps:

            Capture New – scanned in directly from your scanner or from a network folder

            Begin Training Session – if you have multiple pages captured use the all pages.  This will sort the documents and combine like pages.  You will then be given the option to determine if the page is the First Page of a document or a Supporting Page of a document. If you are only capturing one page you can use the current image option.  This is to teach CapturePoint how to identify what catalog and document type the captured pages belong to.

                  **You want to make sure that you are creating an image signature.  This is based off of the entire page/document.

                  **Begin Training Session will automatically put you into the Classify Settings / briefcase.

                  **Once you are have completed the training session you will then press the “recognize” button on the left panel.  This is to auto classify the documents based on the training CapturePoint just received.

                  ***If you are working with documents for an existing layout and the documents did not auto recognize.  You can complete the Begin Training Session and add the document image signature to the existing layout.  Once you complete that; you can press the recognize button and complete the auto classy/index.

            Classify – The classify section determines the catalog and document type.  The setting or briefcase is used to adjusting the settings to an existing layout or creating a new layout.  This can be done during the training session.

            Index – This section is to determine the field values for each document layout created.  Under the settings or briefcase you will press the button for “Add Rule”.  This will allow you to either create a static value or a text extracted value.  The status value will automatically submit a value based on the document.  The text extraction will pull the field value based on the data on the document itself.  The left panel will tell you what has been done.  You can format the fields to recognize the dates, handwriting and a few other options that might be useful.

                  **Once you have completed the index rules you will press the “recognize current” or “recognize all” button.  If you are working on a group of documents the all will process all of the documents “recognize all”; whether it is a single page you are working on, all different documents, or all documents have the same layout.  If you one to process only one of the documents you would use the “recognize current” this will only process the indexing for the document in your main view.

                  **After the rules have been processed you will want to go back to your main Index Field view to make sure all of your index fields have values based on the rules you created.  At this point you will be able to resolve any errors or enter in data that is not available for auto populating.

            Export – This will give you the ability to send the documents to Content Central’s database by clicking Export.

            Updated: 05 Feb 2018 11:09 PM
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