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            External Data Sources (ODBC)

            External Data Sources (ODBC)

            One or more external data sources (ODBC [Definition: Open Database Connectivity] sources) can be linked to Content Central and used for automating field input in document types. After configuring one or more sources, you will need to map document-type fields to the source(s) (see Field Lookup Integration).

            List of supported ODBC providers:
            1. FoxPro
            2. Microsoft® Access®
            3. Microsoft® Excel®
            4. Microsoft® SQL Server
            5. MySQL
            6. Oracle
            7. Pervasive
            8. ProvideX (Sage)
            9. Quickbooks QODBC (FLEXquarters)

            Access the External Data Sources screen by selecting the  icon from the Admin main menu.

            Adding or Modifying a Data Source

            After confirming your external data source exists in the ODBC management tool on the same machine containing the Web-site module, select the 'Add Source' button to add the source.
            To modify an existing data source, select the white gear icon in the appropriate row.

            External Data Source Details
            Name (required)                This name will be used to identify the correct data source when mapping fields.
            Description (optional)       Use this textbox to add a description for the source.
            Select System DSN          This drop-down list will contain a list of available ODBC System DSN data sources.
            Username (if required)      If required, enter the username to connect to the DSN.
            Password (if required)       If required, enter the password to connect to the DSN.
            Clear stored password     Select this checkbox to remove the password stored for this external data source.

            After entering the appropriate information for the data source, select 'Apply' to save your changes. To test the connection, select the 'Test' button in the row of the data source you would like to test.

            Deleting a Data Source

            To delete a data source, select red 'X' the icon in the appropriate row.
            When you are sure you would like to delete the data source, select the 'Confirm' button.

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