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            Login Logout Settings

            This feature applies to Content Central Document Management System.

            The Login Logout Settings allows Content Central to be able to manage the Login and Logout Activities of the users in Content Central.

            Steps to configure Login Logout Settings 

            Login as Admin, or member of the Administrator Group.
            Click ‘System Settings’ to go to ‘System Settings’ Page.
            Under ‘Login Logout Settings’, click to CHECK or UNCHECK the settings.
            Click ‘Apply’ at the bottom of the ‘System Settings’ Page to save your settings.

            Login Logout Settings

            Login page should remember username
            When CHECKED and when the Content Central Login Page is active, the Username will be blank.
            When UNCHECKED and when the Content Central Login Page is active, the Username will be based on the last Username entered in the same browser.

            Allow users to stay logged in
            When CHECKED, the Content Central Login Page will have the option for ‘Keep me login’, such that when ‘Keep me login’ is CHECKED, the user will be stayed logged in based on the Inactivity Logout Delays in Minutes.

            When UNCHECKED, the Content Central Login Page will not show 'Keep me login’ setting.
            Inactivity Logout Delays in Minutes
            The ‘Inactivity Logout Delays in Minutes’ is the duration in minutes that a user is allowed to be logged in while Content Central Website is inactive, such that when the duration is timed out, the user will be automatically logged out.

            When set to 0, this setting is disabled.
            Allow forgotten-password handler on Login Page.
            Please refer to this link.
            ContentCentralApplicationPool in IIS Manager may need to be 'RECYCLED' to apply the new settings.

            Automatic Logout Events

            A Content Central User will be automatically logged out based on these events:
            • The Concurrent User License has exceeded.
            When the Concurrent User Licence has exceeded, the first user, who logged in, will be automatically logged out, to allow another user to be logged in. The Admin and members of the Administrator Group will be notified through the Messages Folder in Content Central.
            • Inactivity
            When the Content Central page becomes inactive for the duration set in the ‘Inactivity Logout Delays in Minutes’ setting, the user will be logged out automatically.

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            Updated: 09 Jan 2019 07:10 AM
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