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            Manage Layout Images or Page Templates

            This applies to Ademero CapturePoint 5.0.7205.

            There must be Document Layouts that have been configured prior in CapturePoint.
            These are the steps to be able to review and delete existing Page Templates in a Document Layout.


            In the CapturePoint Menu, select 'Classification Automation' by clicking on 'briefcase' icon beside 'Classify'.

            The pre-configured Document Layouts will show.
            Click on the 'Properties' (3-dots) Icon for the Document Layout to configure.
            Click on 'MANAGE LAYOUT IMAGES'.

            CapturePoint will refresh and show the Layout Images or Page Templates of the Document Layout selected.

            Using the mouse, navigate to preview and review each Page.

            In the "Select Image to Remove" menu:
            Click 'REMOVE' to remove or delete the current Page Template from the Document Layout.
            Click 'FINISH' to update the Document Layout's Page Templates after removing or delete 1 or more Page Templates.
            Click 'CANCEL' to undo removing or delete 1 or more Page Templates and restoring the Document Layout's Page Templates.

            By Charlotte King
            Updated: 03 Oct 2019 01:27 AM
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