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            Methods/Options to Capture/Upload Documents to Content Central v7

            Regardless of the Method/Option used to capture or upload documents to Content Central, documents will be saved to Content Central based on the Folder and Filename Building Configuration of the Document Type.

            Using Content Central Capture Page

            Login in Content Central, as user with ADD permission to the Catalog and Document to capture.

            Click 'Capture New' from the Main Menu Panel.

            Capture Methods may be ‘Electronic’, ‘Form’ or others.

            Using CapturePoint

            CapturePoint Process -

            1. Capture Document in ‘Capture New’.

            2. Classify.

            3. Index or enter Field Values for classified documents.

            4. Export to Content Central. Export Settings in CapturePoint can be set to send document to the Coding Queue or straight to the Catalog Folders in Content Central.

            Using Content Central Capture Job or Incoming Folder

            Capture Job may be Image or Electronic.

            Capture Job may use a QCard for document field values.

            Capture Job many be configured such that document will be sent to the Coding Queue or straight to the Catalog Folders, after saving the document to the Incoming Folder.

            Updated: 18 Feb 2018 11:31 PM
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